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White Bear Avenue is the “Main Street” of the north east neighborhoods of St. Paul and the eastern portion of Maplewood. On this thoroughfare are the churches, schools, small shops, shopping centers, homes, restaurants, bars, nursing homes, medical offices, community centers, library and fraternal organizations serving over 20,000 community residents.

The White Bear Avenue Business Association has formed a coalition of civic, public and private resources. Members come from businesses and organizations through the area that surrounds White Bear Ave.

You can help your “Avenue” to grow by supporting our charitable gambling sites. By your patronage, you will always win because your community benefits from a successful and active Business Association which oversees and regulates the proceeds incorporation back into the neighborhood. Since being licensed in 1995 for charitable gambling, the Association has grown strong and established its success to serve the people.

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Contact us at:

White Bear Avenue Business Association
1365 Prosperity Avenue
St Paul, MN 55106
PO Box 9328
St Paul, MN 55109

Phone: 651.774.2220
Fax: 651.774.2135

E-mail: wbaba@wbaba.com

Our Charitable Gambling Site is:
The Cherry Pit
735 White Bear Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106
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